WAW Handplanes

WAW Handplanes and Surfrider Foundation Australia have just released their first brand collaboration as part of Surfrider’s #surfstainable programme, encouraging the surf industry to pursue more ocean friendly practices.

Two hand-crafted bodysurfing handplanes have been released. Each handplane is shaped from sustainable plantation timber and adjustable hand straps, manufactured using yulex pure. Yulex pure is a sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum neoprene, 100% certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and The Rainforest Alliance as pure bio rubber.

Together with recycled polyester velcro and solvent free Aqua glues, this handplane and strap combo is all set to get you barrelled, but leaves no trace. To replace the timber used in production, WAW Handplanes plants one native tree, right here in Australia, for every handplane sold.

“WAW Handplanes aim to give back more than it takes. We live by our moto of get barrelled, leaving no trace and  making the world a better place. Even if it is only in a small way. We are stoked to be partnered with the legends at Surfrider and we are thoroughly looking forward to a future of innovation, creativity, sustainability and heaps of barrels through this epic partnership.” – Rikki Gilbey CEO of WAW Creative Pty Ltd.

In a world where consumption of resources is at an all time high and our planet is being stripped of things it needs to survive, products and companies that give more than they take are what we need.

Support this cause and have a barrel of fun at the same time.