The Great State

The fresh-faced natural skin balm for your wonderful body. The Great State Soothing Skin Balm was created with you in mind; it is effective, distinctive and excellent at multi-tasking. Use it every day for soothing common skin complaints.The Great State is made for everyday use to treat common skin complaints.  A dense beeswax-based balm that penetrates the skin and seals in moisture. With no synthetic perfume, the only fragrance is the natural scent of honey and coconut. Good enough to eat really. It is multi-use, gentle and effective.

“I started using The Great State to repair my skin after extensive training sessions in the pool and ocean. It helped heal cracks, cuts, burns and a life-long struggle with dry, broken skin. Having allergies to some chemical ingredients used in many skin care products, I’ve avoided properly caring for my skin over the years. The Great State’s commitment to using natural ingredients helped repair years of damage. Grateful I stumbled across such a wonderful product!”

– Maev Kerri.