Save the Waves Coalition

Save The Waves Coalition is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting coastal resources through a unique combination of protected areas, economics and direct action.

The surf zone is one of the most unique environments on earth, providing surfers with epic waves, and providing habitat and numerous species of plants and animals. Our goal is to proactively address the issues that can harm this unique ecosystem, focused on the following: Coastal Development, Water Quality & Watersheds, Sea Level Rise & Coastal Erosion, Marine Debris, Reefs, and Access.

Save The Waves protects coastal ecosystems around the world through innovative strategies in partnership with local communities. Utilizing a unique combination of protected areas, economics, and direct action, Save The Waves partners with locals to preserve their coastal resources and in turn strengthen their communities.

Save The Waves Coalition is the only nonprofit that is focused exclusively on conservation of surfing coastlines on an international scale.

Help protect the places you love.

Save the Waves is based in Davenport, California.