“The ocean humbles you. You can go and win a World Title, but you’re never going to beat the ocean.”
Stephanie Gilmore
7 x World Surfing Champion

Cole Classic Manly, NSW 01:34:04 (5km)
English Channel Attempt Dover, UK 11:00:00 (withdrew due to conditions and injury 3 miles from completion)
English Channel Qualifier Sorrento, VIC 06:00:00 (22km – 15.0°C)
Mentone Marathon Mentone Beach, VIC 03:23:25 (10km)
Balmoral Challenge Balmoral, NSW 03:35:08 (10km)
Catalina Channel Single Crossing 13:02:06 (33km)
English Channel Qualifier Collingwood Beach, NSW 06:00:00 (18km – 15.1°C)
South Head Roughwater Bondi-Watsons Bay, NSW 03:52:00 (10km)
Lake Argyle Kimberley, WA 07:20:00 (20km)
Riverina Rush Lake Talbot, NSW 03:06:26 (10km)
Balmoral Challenge Balmoral, NSW 02:58:30 (10km)
National Capital Swim Lake Burley Griffen, ACT 02:45:24 (9.5km)
D. Ward Memorial Classic Forresters Beach, NSW 00:42:53 (3km)
Malabar Magic Malabar, NSW 00:40:17 (2.4km)
Great Sydney Swim Sydney Harbour, NSW 00:33:17 (2.2km)
Captain Christie Classic Seven Mile Beach, NSW 00:24:23 (1.8km)
D. Ward Memorial Classic Forresters Beach, NSW 00:37:03 (3km)
Riverina Rush Lake Talbot, NSW 01:24:11 (5km)
Bondi Blue Water Bondi Beach, NSW 00:38:25 (2.1km)
Malabar Magic Malabar, NSW 00:40:31 (2.4km)
North Bondi Classic Bondi Beach, NSW 00:32:26 (2km)
Coogee Island Challenge Coogee Beach, NSW 00:43:44 (2.4km)
Ocean Swim Challenge Stanwell Park, NSW 00:40:18 (2.3km)
Cockatoo Island Challenge Cockatoo Island, NSW 00:39:20 (2.4km)
Coogee to Bondi Coogee Beach, NSW 01:35:39 (5km)
Sydney Harbour Classic Sydney Harbour, NSW 00:31:02 (2km)
F3 Swim 5000 Eton College, UK 01:21:55 (5km)
Hampton Court Palace London, UK 00:57:29 (3.6km)
Great London Swim London, UK 00:24:45 (1.6km)
Great East Swim Ipswich, UK 00:56:23 (3.2km)
MCCC Swimathon Cambridge, UK 01:22:03 (5km)