English Channel

Maev attempted The English Channel between Dover, England, and Calais, France in August 2018. This internationally renowned swim is considered the Everest of endurance swimming and is famous for its distance, strong tides, cold water and unpredictable weather, with waves that can reach up to two meters (6.5 feet).

After swimming 11 hours in strong winds and facing an unpredictable tide, which arrived two hours early, the swim was cancelled 3 miles from the finish due to conditions and a shoulder injury. She is planning to make a second attempt in the coming years.

“I can’t thank my support crew enough for everything they did as we attempted to cross The English Channel. I know I put you through so much crewing in those conditions, and while training. Even though the swim didn’t go to plan, I will always be grateful that you stood next to me.

Diving into the English Channel takes courage and strength but it takes more to watch your family or friend dive in. We were so close to the finish but couldn’t break through the unexpected rough conditions in the final few miles. As much as that broke my heart, I’m still so proud of everything we achieved, how close we got, and overwhelmed by all the support that came from across the world. It humbles you.”